Mode of action : The Game changer

Yield is the most important notion that one can acquire during production of any business. Yield without any side effects and multiple benefits is a true game changer. The products that are used in Auraphyll are acquired naturally with the help of a compound called chitin extracted from sea creatures. This compound is considered to be a bio-stimulant as it helps and propagates the plants to acquire better fruiting and flowering along with exhilarated height. The multi-purpose of the product extends even to its capacity to help in fighting against infestations such as nematodes and fungi. The product also reduces the usage of pesticides leaving the soil untint with harmful chemicals. The company also has a series of products that fit the needs of the farmer; the products range from productive growth for plants to pro-active yielding. All in one- and personalized production can indeed put your marketing skill upfront in today’s demanding market.

Auraphyll: Our vision

Aurophyll was built with an idea to acquire a sustainable and organic alternative for better yield. Hence, we ventured into the depths off the ocean to find a future efficient alternative. Our vision is to unlock the secrets of the marine ecosystem to benefit humanity. Our mission is to develop natural marine bio-actives that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Our aim is to develop innovative and sustainable products for healthy plants. As a result, our approach is to present this product for the global food chain that works as a catalyst to change the current global food scenario. Our company also works on making earth sustainable, by using products that aid in reducing global warming. With the ideology to make a difference, we at Auraphyll will be your relaying partners for attaining your goals in farming. Our motto is to strive to present a novel nature friendly, innovative product whose sustenance will ensure a healthier product with an intact ecosystem. The name Auraphyll is a derivative of the process of photosynthesis, where with the combination of sunlight and the pigment chlorophyll ensures that the plants are self sustaining. “Aura” is a derivative of the sun to symbolize an eternal and bright venture into innovative alterations to use as a bioresource for agriculture.

Auraphyll: The ultimate product for a farmer

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood that encompasses 58% our population. In a broad understanding the agricultural sector requires a lot of components to ensure an all round development. As a farmer, the production aspect of the plantation must ensure a proper outcome. Usage of compounds from auraphyll will ensure that the plants attain complete development, heightened growth, increased yield and infection-free crops. The products that are used are bio-compatible hence; usage of the product will not harm the environment. Sustenance is key and efficiency is the vision. The idea for aurophyll was built on “organic biostimulant for enhanced growth” and even during the process; we made sure that the components that we used were 100% organic in nature. Our products branch out according to the farmers needs and our aim is to ensure efficiency. “Auraphyll”; Aura is the metaphor for sun symbolising sustenance and chlorophyll is the metaphor for the green pigment in plants symbolising production. With the increased population, expanded production commences the market even on a global scale. We are auraphyll and our products are made for farmers to meet the global demands in a more sustainable, efficient and natural way.