How can Auraphyll products improve Coconut?


Coconut being an inseparable part of our lifestyle, culture and food habits of the South Indians, is increasingly cultivated not only for its edibility but also for production coconut oil, coir and carbon from its shell which multiples the income. This crop plays a vital role in the economy. Since, this crop gives more income; the interest of farmers in cultivating this crop has increased, thereby, leading to an expansion of the area of cultivation. Using the proper ingredients in a scientific manner and maintaining the coconut properly, good profit can be procured. Naturally prepared Auraphyll products help in increasing the yield and profit.

To control various forms of diseases in crop, Vilasea can be applied. If needed 3 – 5 ml of Vilasea can be mixed with 1 ltr.of water along with 3 ml of Neem oil and 3 ml of Cow urine and be sprayed.

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