To increase the yield of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit crop that gives more benefits. It grows in any type of land sustaining even dryness. To increase the yield of the medicinal and mineral-rich Pomegranate and to control any form of diseases affecting the crop, Auraphyll products help.

  • Chitang Ensures good shoot growth and strong fruit set
  • Chitang promotes strong early growth and maximize leaf area.
  • It maintains long term productivity.
  • Chitang Maximises Photosynthetic activity and early growth
  • Chitang Strengthens leaf development and stem productivity
  • Use Vaerer and Rhyzo to stimulate the growth of the plant’s root.
  • After pruning by spraying Chitang and Mizuchi, there will be an increase in number of branches and new shoots of leaves.
  • Chitosun helps in stabilising the growth of long stem and intake of sustainable nutrients.
  • For uniform growth, Auraphyll products like Chitang, Mizuchi sprayers, Vaerer and Rhyzo can be used till blooming.
  • By spraying Boomax at the blooming stage, the number of flowers is increased and the proportion of male & female flowers is maintained well.
  • Once the fruit starts growing, using Chitang and Mizuchi will help increase the size of the fruit and using Mizuchi will help give the reddish colour to the seeds.
  • Vaerer and Rhyzo need to be used once in a month regularly to maintain the pomegranate farm well, to get long lasting yield and to control pest attacks.
  • Before harvest, use Boomax to increase yield and to control crop diseases spray Vilasea.


  • Spray Chitang :- 1-2 ml mixed in 1lr of water, Mizuchi :- 2-3 ml in 1lr of water, Chitosun :- 3 ml. in 1lr of water
  • To control various forms of diseases in crop Vilasea can be applied. If needed Vilasea 3 – 5 ml that is mixed with 1 ltr.of water along with 3 ml of Neem oil and 3 ml of Cow urine be sprayed.
  • For better results use Vilasea A and B3 – 5 ml in equal proportioni.e. 1:1 in 1 ltr.of water
  • Vaerer: – 1lr/acre along with required amount of water
  • Rhyzo :- 1.5lr/acre mixed with water required be used in the root area

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