High yield in Paddy crop

Paddy is one of the crops which need a wider area for cultivation. For a natural way of agriculture, to produce food for the consumers without any bad impact, to collect more grains in the spathe, to accumulate well ripened grains and to produce high yield in paddy crop our Auraphyll products will help from the period of sowing to reaping.

  • To get consistently vigorous seed growth through seed treatment- use Chitosun
  • By spraying Chitang and Mizuchi after planting the crop, the crop grows densely  with strong roots
  • By spraying Mizuchi at the time of spathe forming, the spathe grows long and healthy

To get more well ripened grains accumulated in the spathe -use Chitang



  • Initial Stage mix 5kg of Magarsakthi to 1ltr of Rhyzo and sprinkle them over the soil (1acre crop).
  • For treatment of seeds spray Chitosun 10 to 50ml mixed in 1 ltr of water, Chitang 1-2 ml in 1ltr of water and Mizuchi 2-3 ml in 1lr of water
  • To control various forms of diseases in crop Vilasea can be applied. If needed Vilasea 3 – 5 ml that is mixed with 1 ltr of water along with 3 ml of Neem oil and 3 ml of Cow urine and spray equally.
  • For better results use Vilasea A and B 3 – 5 ml in equal proportion i.e. 1:1 in 1 ltr of water and spray equally.

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