About Auraphyll

Auraphyll Innoventures is a marine biotech based company for developing innovative and sustainable products from the marine bioactive materials and which can be used in various areas of agriculture.
Organic Farming

As we know Chlorophyll is the link between cosmic and life system in the planet. Chlorophyll converts the energy from sun to the energy needed by the life on the planet.All the life systems depend on the chlorophyll for the energy needs. Global food chain is modeled around Chlorophyll. Life keeps going on the planet because of chlorophyll.

Growing population and lifestyle changes has increased the pressure on the existing limited natural resources, land and water. Innovative solutions and technologies are needed for the nutritional needs of the plant. Auraphyll Innoventures, focus on the innovative, natural nutritional solutions of the
life systems on the planet.


Exponential growth of population and Changing food habits in developing countries exerts an extraordinary pressure on food production. Available land and water resources were almost exploited which is also exerts pressure on existing resources.

to unlock the secrets of marine ecosystem to the benefits of humanity.For more than a decade we have been a PIONEER in the research and development of natural marine bio actives which are non-toxic, bio degradable and eco friendly. Sun light and air, are the most important necessities for the life systems in this planet. But organisms in the deep ocean, thrives against the odds.