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Auraphyll Innoventures is a marine biotech based company for developing innovative and sustainable products from marine bioactive materials and which can be used in various area of agriculture. Read More 


To unlock the secrets of marine ecosystem to the benefits of humanity


To innovate and develop Innovative and Sustainable Products for Plant Health
Farmer's Wealth is Nation's health

Auraphyll Products

Thulir Plant Growth Enhancer


Ensures uniform bud breaking and vigour growth.
Vaerer Natural Fertilizers


Prevent Nematode,Strengthens the root system and help the plants to fight water stress.
Mizuchi Fertilizers


Increases the photosynthesis and Increase the nutrient uptake maximises the nutrient uptake from the soil.
Chitang Fertilizers


1.Balances the Macronutrient requirements and therefore reduces the fertiliser requirements. 2.Induces resistance against microbes in plants and therefore reduces thecost of pesticides.
Auraphyll Magarsakthi


Magarsakthi is a unique natural Chitosan polysccharide composed of randomly distributed glucosamine and N-acetly-glucosamine monomers drived from marine ecosystem.
Boomax Organic Fertilizers


Induces and Increases the pinnacle size , quality and yield.
Chitosun Fertilizers


Helps in stem elongation and reduces the water stress in plants.


Curative medicine for Microbial diseases,Blight spot and stem rots.
Auraphyll Rhyzo Fertilizer


Prevent roots and rhizome rots and reduce the usage of fertiliser.
Farmer's Wealth is Nation's health

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Auraphyll Magarsakthi

Auraphyll – An company which produce Scientific Products which are Non-Toxic,Bio-Degradable and Eco-Friendly for Plant Health & Animal Health.

Farmer's Wealth is Nation's wealth

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Farmer's Wealth is Nation's Health


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Farmer's Wealth is Nation's health

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