Mizuchi Induces resistance to diseases and pests and helps in maintaining healthy leaves and produce. It can be absorbed by leaves, stem, cotyledon of plant and germinating seed and be of slow mobility in plant. A positive effect of chitosan was observed on the growth of roots, shoots and leaves of various plants including flowering crops.

Mode of Action

Increase Photosynthesis

Mizuchi is quickly absorbed. It is a very useful and beneficial product for all crops including vegetable and horticultural crops.

Provides natural hormones and many nutrients not found in other forms of fertiliser.

Induces more flowering and helps in setting of fruits after natural or artificial pollination.

Benefits of Mizuchi

Increase Water and Nutrient Uptake

Increases the appearance and quality of the produce.

Increase Quality and Weight of produce

Reduce Fertiliser Requirement

Induce Vigurous Growth

Delay in-vitro senescence of leaves

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